Our Mission...

…is to respond to changes in the market by assessing the changing needs of our clients and reflecting those needs in our line of products, all the while maximizing wood fibre recovery through maintaining state-of-the-art production technology. We care about our employees’ well-being and their work conditions. Continued improvement and employee training, educating and participation are the cornerstones of our business development strategy. As we pursue our other goals, we are keenly interested in environmental conservation. When harvesting trees or conducting other forest management activities, we make every effort to protect the woodlands and woodland wildlife. It is our goal at Industries T.L.T. to make a positive economic and social impact on the region by offering employment opportunities to the local citizens.


Environmental Protection and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)

We at Industries T.L.T. are committed to environmental protection as well as sustainable forest management. In April 2005, we began outsourcing our forest management to internationally-recognized and accredited contractors (ISO 14001 EMS [Environmental Management Systems]). Furthermore, most of the forestry companies working for us hold a certification in forestry in accordance with CSA standard Z809-02 and/or the Sustainable Forest Industry (SFI) Programme. The CSA Z809-02 initiative is committed to environmental protection and, through its active role in oversight committees and sub-committees, guarantees our partners that the environment will be protected and that sound sustainable forest management practices will be put into place.